Gmail’s latest Android app integrates the functionality of the video conferencing tool “Google Meet”, and you can now use the video call service from the Gmail app on your smartphone.

The new Gmail app has been replaced by a UI with tabs for “Mail” and “Video Conversations” at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to manage rooms for traditional email and new video calls in one app.

In the Video Conversation tab, as you can see in the screenshot above, you can of course create and share video call links like Google Meet, or enter an invitation code to join a video conference, You can also register a video conference schedule in Google Calendar.

The Gmail app supports background playback of video calls, so you can continue the conversation even if you close the app, and a ticker message will be displayed on the Gmail app to let you know.

A convenient feature of Google Meet in Gmail is the ability to share the smartphone screen as an image. For example, you can display a PDF or Office document on the screen of your smartphone to make it look like a presentation, or display an album of Google Photos so that you can enjoy the photos while talking with the participants. This screen sharing function can be used for various purposes, whether at work or privately. “ Gmail “ (Google Play)