Trello - Easy To Use Organizing Tool For Personal Or Team

If you are looking for project management app to help simplify your life, then one you should give it a try is Trello. Trello is one popular app among other productive apps in the market to organize workflow and will boost our productivity & get things done.

The Interface

Trello comes with easy to use interface with all things is based around boards. Its simple design allows us to learn and use easily. It has drag and drop functionality that allows us to move our tasks and columns around instantly.

The Features

We can create to do lists or cards which can also be integrated with cross-platforms. The data is accessible on any mobile device or desktop setup , and any changes of these are made in real time since data will be automatically synchronized across all devices.

To make things easier, the cards can be annotated with label or tagging them with colors for easier searching. Users can also attach files to cards sourced from Google Drive or Dropbox.


Trello is free app with some services is limited to paid users. Whether you are doing a personal project or a team project, we can use Trello to keep workflow smooth and boost productivity.


  • Developer : Trello Inc
  • Rating : 4.5 / 5 on Play Store
  • Price : Free with In App Purchase
  • Category : Business
  • System : Android / iOS / Windows